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  1. Hello

    Is the “Reward 4” for 40$ also only an exclusive Kickstarter offer?

    Kind regards

  2. ThemeParkStudio Post author

    Alex Cogland
    Q. How long do I have left to donate?

    A. You can still pledge just click the Support Now button

  3. ThemeParkStudio Post author

    Ian Ruhback

    Q. Hi, I just pledged $50 and realised afterwards that I’m in the uk. I have pledged an extra $20 to make it $70. Hope you can count it as 1 pledge. Thanks and I look forward to the beta :)

    A. For those who made this same mistake you will be notified via email on how to correct the pledge amount.

  4. ThemeParkStudio Post author

    Q. English:

    Hello. I’m from Germany and I have the $ 50 donation selected and paid with Paypal! I am just now noticed that one if you are not from the United States to pay $ 60! But I have now paid $ 50! How can we solve the problem? For everything to work anyway?

    Hallo. Ich bin aus Deutschland und habe die 50$ Spende ausgewählt und mit Paypal bezahlt! Mir ist nun eben aufgefallen das man wenn man nicht aus der USA ist 60$ zahlen muss! Ich habe nun aber 50$ bezahlt! Wie können wir das Problem lösen? Damit trotzdem alles klappt?

    A. For those who made this same mistake you will be notified via email on how to correct the pledge amount.

    A. Per chi ha fatto questo stesso errore sarai avvisato via e-mail su come correggere l’importo pegno.

  5. ThemeParkStudio Post author

    Montana Miller
    Q. Hi, I’m very interested in donating to Theme Park Studio, but I had a few questions about the reward levels. If I donate $50 for reward level 5, will I be a part of the closed beta? Also, when Theme Park Studio releases later this year, will I receive both a digital and DVD copy of Theme Park Studio Platinum Edition? Thank you!

    A. Just read the reward level thoroughly and you’ll get your answer.

  6. ThemeParkStudio Post author

    Q. hi i m interested to support for 60usd since i am outside us.
    i m going to make paypment using paypal. once payed what is the next step?
    will i get the program immediately to try out? or i have to wait later on?

    A. You pledged at the beta testing level and will be notified by email when beta testing begins.

  7. ThemeParkStudio Post author

    Maurice Cotting
    Q. I really like your game and I’m looking forward to purchasing it, but since I have a Mac, I was wondering if it is possible to play the game on a Mac, or if it only is for Windows?

    Q. Available for MAC???

    A. At present it windows only. We will be looking at a Mac ver. after the games beta testing and released.

  8. ThemeParkStudio Post author

    Q. First of all, it is great. I’ve been waiting for a game like this for ages! I don’t know how to get it though, or if I’m to late It looks really cool how you can create everything you want. Much better than all the other games I’ve seen, even Minecraft!

    A. Nope, not too late just click the Support Now button.

  9. ThemeParkStudio Post author

    Eva Jockeltock
    May 21, 2013 at 11:32 am

    Thanks Eva.

  10. ThemeParkStudio Post author

    Kevin Lemus
    Q. Hi, I just had a quick question. I am looking forward into buying this game, but I have a quick question. I am a MAJOR fan of the Revenge of the Mummy ride at Universal Studios Hollywood and I was wondering if within this game, you will be able to build a ride like Revenge of the Mummy? Also, would you be able to build rides that can also go backwards on a SEPARATE track; Basically like Revenge of the Mummy.

    A.Can’t say that you will be able to build Revenge of the Mummy but something like it should be possible. We are working on switch tracks and the like.

  11. ThemeParkStudio Post author

    Luk banderski
    May 27, 2013 at 11:58 am
    i want the game

    Just like the other 2000 plus backers lol. We’ll just have to wait.

  12. ThemeParkStudio Post author

    Q. Hey all! This game looks amazing. Cant wait. Was going to make a donation but can I still gain access to the Mac beta testing at this time with the $50 donation?

    A. If your are a Mac user you’ll need to wait til there is a confirmed Mac version being done. Sorry.

    1. ThemeParkStudio Post author

      Q. salve comprando la versione platinum , ho la possibilita’ poi anche di gestire il parco con i prezzi delle giostre? oppure gestire le finanze?
      oppure è un opzione che dovro’ scaricare dal sito in successione?

      prejudice buying the platinum version, I have the chance ‘then also manage the park with the prices of the rides? or managing your finances?
      or is it an option that I will have ‘downloaded from the site in succession?

      Q. salve volevo sapere se compro la versione platinum … poi avro’ la possibilita’ anche di gestire il parco con il bilancio e prezzi di ogni singola giostra?
      o è un opzione che poi si dovra’ scricare ?

      hi I wanted to know if I buy the platinum version … then I’ll have ‘the opportunity’ also manage the park with the budget and prices of each carousel?
      or is it an option then you will have ‘downloaded there?

      Q. salve, io volevo un informazione, acqistando il gioco in gold platinum cioe’ la versione piu’ completa, poi avro’ anche la possibilita’ di gestire il parco con il bilancio ecc… o quella è una novita’ che poi si dovra’ scaricare?

      hi, I wanted an information, acqistando the game in gold platinum ie ‘version more’ complete, then I’ll have ‘even chance’ to manage the park with the budget, etc. … or is that something new ‘then you will have to’ download?

      A. Come ora non c’è la gestione del denaro per il gioco, ma non vi è un achance ci sarà in futuro.

      In futuro ci saranno sito di scambio che si sarà in grado per ottenere contenuti custome gratuito da. Sarete più likey in grado di trovare quello che c’è.

      As now there is no money management for the game but a there is achance there will be in the future.

      In the future there will be exchange site that you will be able to get free custome content from. You will most likey be able to find what there.

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