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Theme Park Studio will be coming to Steam in February 2014. PLEASE NOTE: Early Access on Steam is for Gold level backers (starting at $30.00) or Platinum level backers (starting at $50.00), or higher for additional rewards (see reward descriptions). The Steam build represents the Gold edition, listed here. To receive other rewards, including the Platinum edition plus Early Access, you can back Theme Park Studio here, using your credit card or PayPal. You will receive the same rewards as on Kickstarter. Select your reward from the drop down menu. If you want a physical reward delivered outside of the US be sure to select the reward level that includes shipping fees or your reward will not ship.

Gold and Platinum will receive access to Steam, but Platinum at the $50.00 pledge level has some extra tools, as well as the 5 train DLC. The first release on Early Access will allow our Backers to start building and exchanging assets. However, it will still be considered 'in development', with additional features left to implement. Backers are free to participate in the development process by not only submitting bug reports, but feature requests as well. The early edition program is scheduled for Feb 2014, final release will be determined by the progress of Early Access. Thank You For Your Support.


Theme Park Studio is a simulation game, loaded with tools that allow players to design, create, & experience amusement parks and rides.

Update #11 May 15th - WE MADE IT!!!

Everyone on the Theme Park Studio team would like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation for all your support.

We do have a few announcements moving forward...

First off, we had a few backers ask that if they increased their pledge from $50, would they remain in the closed beta. The answer is Yes. Any pledges of $50, or over, will be able to be added to the closed beta!

Secondly, we are now able to accept funding via PayPal. If you would like to pledge, and would like to use PayPal, please click this link:

And finally, and most importantly, we have a new update coming very soon! Stay Tuned

Update #10 May 10th - Path Layout Progress Report!

Update #9 May 6th - Mailing List & Themed Buildings!

We have created a mailing list to keep our backers informed of new updates moving forward. We also are giving a sneak peek at some of the new themed buildings we are working on, so you guys can see that this game is a lot more than just roller coasters and rides!


Update #8 May 2nd - Particle Effects!

Today we are presenting a video which showcases our particle effects module and demonstrates the features of our particle system! PLEASE NOTE: These features are for players that want to take advantage of our advanced tools. They are not a requirement. You can also simply drop in existing rides, particle effects, and models from our built in libraries.

Update #7 May 1st -

Progress Report and Video! We have reached 50 percent funded, at exactly the mid-way point in our campaign. The entire Theme Park Studio team would like to extend a heart felt 'THANK YOU' to all our backers.

UPDATE #6 April 28th -

Intamin Hyper/Launched Coaster Train!


UPDATE #5 April 25th -

B&M Inverted Roller Coaster!


UPDATE #4 April 23rd -

Razer Hydra Support!

Theme Park Studio is proud to announce our integration of Hydra.

Amir Rubin, president and CEO of Sixense Entertainment, Inc., which developed the motion tracking technology that powers the Razer Hydra says “The Razer Hydra is a perfect interface for building rides and roller coasters because it allows the user to interact with the virtual world in 3D, with the position and orientation of each hand tracked in real time. We believe that native support for the Razer Hydra in Theme Park Studio will make building more natural and intuitive for novices and enthusiasts alike.”

UPDATE #3 April 21st -

Oculus Rift Support!

Due to overwhelming requests for this support, we are proud to announce this cutting edge technology will be included in all versions of Theme Park Studio with no stretch goals required.


UPDATE #2 April 20th -

Awesome First Week!

UPDATE #1 April 17th -

Announcing Mack Launched Coaster!



"Theme Park Studio is everything you could want in a theme park simulation game. Roller Coasters, Flat Rides, Theming, the entire package is absolutely fantastic!" Robb Alvey - "

For all the people who want to be an Imagineer , this is the game for you." Orlando Attractions Magazine

"Theme Park Studio should make a lot of the Roller Coaster Tycoon fans very happy as well as breathing new life into the theme park and roller coaster sim market." George Taylor -

"I can’t wait to see the kind of rides that people can dream up!" Lance Hart -

"A feature that is very exciting is the ability to put your parks online and have others come visit your park and ride your coasters."

"This game continues to look more and more impressive every time I see it."

"We are loving the look of Theme Park Studio!"


Theme Park Studio is simulation game featuring a powerful set of tools that allow players to build amazing theme parks and rides of their own design.

Players can build whatever they can imagine, and then share it online for others to come and ride their attractions.

Using our rich toolset, players begin by sculpting their terrain, creating lakes, rivers, and raising knolls and mountains.


Next, the opening gate is set and paths are placed with our easy path tools. No staggered or sharp edges here, just smoothly curved pathways procedurally built on the fly. With the click of a button, fences are created, stairs are generated, and trees are procedurally placed.

Now it's time to build some rides. Coaster creation is both easy and flexible. Coaster rails can be bent, twisted, and shaped into almost any design imaginable. Add brakes, accelerators, tunnels, or have the coaster scream through a custom mesh, like a volcano. There is virtually no limit to what you can come up with. Prefabricated template pieces are also provided as helpers. Want to add a batwing or cobra roll? Simply click the icon and it will drop right in. All the power combined with all the ease of use.


Theme Park Studio broke new ground when we unveiled our custom flat ride designer. This unique module allows to design, build, and invent custom rides. Physics can be applied to objects connected by custom joints. Next, animations are applied to these physics objects. Animation properties include, Torque, Force, Dampen Torque, Dampen Force, Position, Rotation, and Scale. With this functionality the number of flat rides you can create with Theme Park Studio is virtually unlimited!

If building custom flat rides is not your thing, no problem, simply select from our library of pre-built rides. In just one click, the ride drops right in to your park, with full physics and animation built in.


Next, fill out your park with restaurants, gift shops, bathrooms, etc.. You can pick from our built in libraries, or download custom meshes and import them for maximum customization.

Turn your park into a stunning, picturesque environment with our procedural vegetation libraries. With a simple click drop in trees, hedges, bushes, and flower beds, that subtly sway in the wind. Using our particle effects engine, add fountains, fireworks, smoke, and torches for the final touch

Finally, open the park to guests and watch the peeps tour your park and ride your custom coasters and flat rides. You can also take a first person virtual tour through your park, and experience your own rides.

Theme Parks are easily saved and archived. You can upload them to one of the

Theme Park Studio coaster exchange sites that will be coming out soon. Theme Park Studio is a product built for the community where players can truly build the amusement park of their dreams.



Theme Park Studio features include:

- Custom coaster creation. Players can bend, pull, and stretch coasters into any design they wish. Prefabricated templates are provided as helpers, if desired

- Custom Flat Rides. Design your own flat ride from the ground up, or select from our pre-build ride library.

- Park guests: After opening your park, watch park guests (peeps) tour your theme park and hop on your coasters and flat rides.

- Mesh importing: Build your own environmental objects and import them for maximum customization.

- Particle effects, including fire, smoke, fountains, fireworks, and weather effects. Our particle effects module is very versatile, allowing the player to create a wide range of effects. Particles can have triggers for setting up shows or like coasters splashing through water.

- Landscaping: Import your own height maps and textures to create stunning landscapes, or custom sculpt one of your own design.

- Water: Control water parameters like speed, level, color, and ripple size.

- Vegetation: Our engine features an advanced vegetation solution. Our proprietary technology allows players to build everything from grass to elaborate oaks. Trees are procedurally generated and can be controlled by custom wind and turbulence settings. This technology has been integrated into Theme Park Studio


Theme Park Studio comes in 2 editions: Gold, and Platinum.

Gold: This version includes everything in our product description minus the custom vegetation designer. It includes our expanded selection of pre-built libraries. You also receive our custom particle effects module for creating dazzling custom effects and our innovative custom flat ride creator. If you want extensive built in libraries for creating mega parks, and don't care about creating custom trees (you just want to use the built in ones), than this is the product for you. This version includes 15 coaster types, 30 flat rides.


Platinum: This version includes everything in our product description, the custom vegetation, the custom particle effects module, the custom flat ride designer, and our expanded selection of pre-built libraries. If you want maximum customization and to creating stunning worlds with custom landscaping, this is the product for you. This version also features 5 bonus trains! This version includes 20 coaster types, 30 flat rides

We have received many requests, and we would like to fulfill them all! Theme Park Studio originated as a suite of tools that allow players to custom build theme parks of their own design. We are listening to our customers and understand they want to take it further.

We have had requests for extensive pre-built flat rides, a custom flat ride creator (which we already added), an extensive train library, pre-built coasters, and more. Funding through Kickstarter would provide the capital needed to contract additional artists to fill out the in game libraries. This is an addition to the existing artwork we have already been paying for ourselves

Pantera Entertainment is working around the clock to make Theme Park Studio a top notch product, while listening to their customers .....but we need your help.

Funding will provide the following benefits:

Ability to expand our flat ride, train, and environment object libraries. Even though Theme Park Studio delivers unprecedented control over ride creation, many customers want to just drop in pre-built rides. Funding would allow us to hire additional artists and expand are pre-built libraries.

Finish sooner. Our target ship date is Sept 15. Besides games, Pantera also does contract development, using our engine, for the medical industry. Since Theme Park Studio is completely self funded, we need to divide our attention to pay bills. Funding would allow us to focus more on Theme Park Studio and ensure the product is delivered by summer. We do not want to push back our release date because of self funding.

Boxed edition. Pantera has manufactured and published many of its titles, and would like to do the same with Theme Park Studio. Funding would provide the capital needed to manufacture boxed editions.

Marketing. Public awareness is fundamental to the success of Theme Park Studio. Having funding would provide capital for marketing and help launch enthusiast sites where people can exchange rides, parks, trains, and more.....which is what Theme Park Studio is all about

Thank you for taking the time to review our project, we hope you will join us in making Theme Park Studio the ultimate roller coaster simulator and theme park design tool



Reward 3 : ENTHUSIAST Description: It's easy to see why we call this level of pledge our Enthusiast level. For a $30.00 pledge you will be enthused to receive our EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - GOLD EDITION digital copy of Theme Park Studio. Don't wait too long though, this is an exclusive Kickstarter offer and will not be offered again once the campaign closes.


Reward 4 : COASTER DESIGNER Description: If you should choose to up the ante to $40.00, we will up the ante also and send you not only just a digital copy of our Theme Park Studio - Gold Edition, but also a free digital copy of Hyper Rails, our previous critically acclaimed roller coaster simulator. That should keep you busy having fun for quite awhile!


Reward 5 : ENGINEER Description: Have you ever wanted to be called an Engineer? Here's your chance to not only be called an engineer but for a $50, pledge you will receive our EARLY BIRD SPECIAL, A digital copy of Theme Park Studio PLATINUM EDITION. This version includes both digital download AND a boxed version in a DVD case with a printed instruction manual. But wait, we aren't done with this level yet! Since we understand that an extra $50 may be hard to come by for a lot of us these days, to show our appreciation for your generosity, every pledge will receive a Steam key for immediate access to the Gold edition which is currently in development


Reward 6 : FLAT RIDE DESIGNER Description: You don't have to be a designer in this case to wear a cool design, but at the $60 pledge level we will give you a cool Theme Park Studio T-shirt featuring the striking blueprint Theme Park Studio logo, but along with that you get the Platinum Edition in both digital download AND boxed DVD case. That should keep you "covered" for a long time.

Reward 7: FLAT RIDE ENGINEER Description: Are the walls in your room a little drab and boring? Here's a chance to spruce them up a bit. With a $70 pledge, besides receiving the Theme Park Studio - Platinum Edition, in both digital download and boxed DVD case, we will send you a Theme Park Studio poster, which may help you get inspired to design some cool parks and engineer some flat rides of your own. Better act fast though because the guys on the TPS development team are eyeballing the pile of these cool posters and I can only hold them back for so long.

Reward 8 : PARK PLANNER Description: What better way to be a Park Planner and plan your very own wicked cool theme park then with your very own Platinum edition of Theme Park Studio, which comes in both digital download and the boxed DVD case. Along with that, as a $80 pledge Park Planner, you will receive both a Theme Park Studio poster AND a Theme Park Studio T-shirt featuring the striking blueprint Theme Park Studio logo. The only thing more fun than planning your park is building it, so get that pledge in and let the fun begin.


Reward 9 : PARK DESIGNER Description: As a Park Designer pledging $100, the title of Park Designer takes on a whole new meaning! You will get ALL the rewards from all the previous reward levels PLUS inclusion into the closed TPS beta test program where your input could actually help with the design of TPS. But to really make you feel like a designer, you get to make one free custom ride of your own design. Our artists will work with you to redesign an existing ride or design a new flat ride or train of your own. This custom design will be featured on the Theme Park Studio web sites and face book page.


Reward 10 : PARK ENGINEER Description: If you are getting excited about the release of TPS, as we are, for a generous $200 pledge you can play a bigger role in the development and input into Theme Park Studio. We start off by sending you the Theme Park Platinum Edition in both digital download and boxed DVD case. Along with that you get a TPS poster and a TPS T-shirt. But for your generosity at this pledge level, not only will you be included in the TPS beta test program but you will receive 'Designer' credit. If that's not enough bang for your buck, you will also be included in TPS internal updates and be a part of the collaborative process. You need to hurry for this one though, as there is a limit of only 50 slots for this great reward offer and they are filling up fast.


Reward 11 : PARK MANAGER Description: Participation at this level drops you right into a front row seat into the development of Theme Park Studio and lets your name be seen by everyone who will order TPS. For your gracious pledge of $300, here's what will happen. You will receive the Platinum Edition in both digital download and boxed DVD case, plus a Theme Park Studio poster and the cool Theme Park Studio T-shirt. Of course at this level you will also be included in our beta test program but we want to throw one more thing at you. Your name will be placed in the credits as an 'Associate Art Director', this gives you not only recognition by your friends, but also you will be included in internal TPS updates and have a first look at rides and trains as they are developed, as well as supply feedback to the art director. Only 50 of these opportunities are available so hurry up and get yours before it is too late.


Reward 12 : PARK CEO Description: This reward for a one time pledge of $500, will not only make you a CEO, it will make you want to party! Besides all the rewards offered from the previous pledge tier, you will receive an invitation to the Theme Park Studio wrap party at Disneyland LA.! (transportation to Disneyland not included) We will provide your admission pass and Walt Disney will provide the magic. With only 50 slots available you need to act quickly because we're talking TPS, Disneyland, food and YOU and that's a good formula for a great time, that more than a few would like to get in on.


Reward 13 : MASTER ENGINEER Description: Do you want to be called a Master? Do you want your face walking happily around in a bunch of TPS parks for everyone to see? Do you like to party? If you answered yes to these questions, here's a chance to do all that and more. For a pledge of $1000, you will get all this; a Theme Park Studio - Platinum Edition, in both digital download and boxed DVD case, plus our Theme Park Studio poster and the Theme Park Studio T-shirt with logo. You also get included in the TPS beta test program AND an invitation to the Theme Park Studio wrap party in Disneyland (transportation to Disneyland not included) AND an Associate Producer credit. Is that enough bang for your buck? We don't think so, at this level of pledging we want to invite you to work with our artists to develop one train and one flat ride of your design, plus we will include your face on one of the NPC (non player character peeps) in the game for everyone to see. Only 20 of these slots total will be available, so "all aboard", this train will be filling up fast.


Reward 14 : PRODUCER Description: The title of producer and your name in lights! When was the last time you had that opportunity? Well here's your chance, for your generous pledge of $2000, you will get this awesome reward; Theme Park Studio - Platinum Edition, in both digital download and boxed DVD case. You get the Theme Park Studio T-shirt plus a Theme Park Studio poster, inclusion into the beta program, an invitation to the Theme Park Studio wrap party at Disneyland (transportation to Disneyland not included), and a Producer credit. You also will be invited to work with our artists to develop two trains and two flat rides of your design, plus your good looking face on one of the NPC (non player character peeps) in the game. But a producer is more than just a pretty face, so we are also including your name in lights over one of the rides entrances that will be in all TPS games for the whole world to see. Want to be a star? Only 20 chances available, better hurry!


Reward 15 : EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Description: This is our ultimate reward for a very generous pledge of $5000, If you make an executive decision to pledge this amount and take on the title of Executive Producer, here's what you will get in return. All rewards from previous tier, plus in addition to the Theme Park Studio wrap party invitation, you will receive an overnight stay at the Disneyland hotel (transportation to Disneyland not included), park admission, and lunch, all paid for by Pantera Entertainment. You will also receive Executive Producer credit and the opportunity to work with our artists to develop three trains and three flat rides of your design. Every Executive Producer deserves their name in lights, so your name in lights will be over one of the rides entrances on every copy of TPS produced. We can only fill 10 of these slots so you may want to "Produce" this pledge soon. We also would like to send to this and all the other tier and pledge levels, a huge amount of gratitude from the Theme Park Studio team at Pantera Entertainment!

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